25.05.2018  | ZÜBLIN Timber

ZÜBLIN Timber Stronger focus on timber and turnkey construction

Gaildorf, 25 May 2018       As the market leader in building construction and civil engineering in Germany, Ed. Züblin AG specialises in the realisation of demanding construction projects, especially as turnkey options. This strategic alignment is also rigorously applied at ZÜBLIN Timber, which will focus even more strongly on timber and turnkey construction projects in the future. As a consequence, ZÜBLIN has decided to cease production of special glued laminated timber elements at its Gaildorf facility. Timber construction will remain a strategically important business field for Ed. Züblin AG.

 “Glued-laminated timber, as we produce it in Gaildorf, is used primarily in non-residential construction. Although we often handle technically challenging timber construction projects, these are not suited to ensure a continuous and profitable utilisation of production capacities,” explains ZÜBLIN management board member Ulrich Weinmann. “The cross laminated timber elements that we make in Aichach, on the other hand, are used in residential construction and office real estate and are of immediate importance in turnkey construction – one of ZÜBLIN’s core competencies. It only makes sense to concentrate on the segment that we can integrate into our core business.”

 ZÜBLIN has continuously and consistently focused the timber activities at Aichach on the project business in engineered timber construction and especially on turnkey construction since its acquisition in 2012. This strategy has been confirmed by a number of successfully completed turnkey construction projects and rising demand. The delivery business with cross laminated timber is also continuing successfully at Aichach.

 An important element of the strategic alignment of ZÜBLIN Timber is and remains the industrially-focused component manufacturing and the production of prefabricated wall, ceiling and roof elements on timber frame and cross laminated timber basis. Targeted investments in proprietary production at Aichach and the increased cooperation with the building construction subdivisions at Ed. Züblin AG have driven forward this development. Projects like SKAIO in Heilbronn or Stadtwerke Lübeck are proof of the success of this strategy. 

 Glued laminated timber (GLT) and cross laminated timber (CLT) are the dominant construction materials for building with wood. “Our high material and construction competence, in both GLT and CLT, is and remains an important basis for the successful realisation of our strategic alignment,” says Weinmann. “We will maintain our engineering competence for glued laminated timber, but we will purchase the material externally on a case-by-case basis.”

 For a secure future and a clear market position, ZÜBLIN Timber will continue to expand the core competencies in timber and turnkey construction. It will also cease production at the Gaildorf facility. Production is to be gradually scaled back until the final close-down, expected for the end of August. The company will hold on to the available technical design-and-build competence for special GLT elements with a clear focus on timber and turnkey construction. Efforts are being made to offer the approximately 60 employees at the production facility and related areas continued employment within the group.