Suite>e: Urban Mobility

Thinking ahead.

The mobility of people is currently facing dynamic changes. Electric cars, bikes with and without an electric motor, as well as innovative mobility concepts are becoming increasingly popular. suite> e from ZÜBLIN Timber offers a future-oriented solution as a modular and mobile hire station for pedelecs, in conjunction with a charging station for electric cars or scooters, and an integrated WIFI hotspot.

suite>e is a sustainable and innovative contribution to urban and future-oriented mobility. It can be used as a charging and hire station for e-mobility (e-bikes, pedelecs, e-scooters, e-cars), as a lounge, as an exhibition stand, café, information point, kiosk or even as a living space. The floor space required for the suite>e is equivalent to that of a typical parking bay. This allows suite>e to be used in the smallest of spaces. This is particularly attractive in urban areas. In addition, suite>e is flexible, modular and available with a wide range of equipment options to meet individual customer requirements.

This includes potential usage as an information point, WIFI hotspot or lounge area, with suite>e becoming the customised centre-piece of future-oriented mobility.

Suite>e creates, complements and enhances innovative and sustainable modern mobility concepts. Whether for a business, urban or tourist region, hospitality or trade: suite>e can be individually customized to meet particular requirements.