Processed laminated veneer lumber

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Laminated veneer lumber: re-glued and pressure impregnated.

Laminate veneer lumber offers new possibilities and a variety of applications.Special shapes and lengths, large dimensions, steel trussed components, high strengths - all equally applicable for interior spaces or weathered outdoor areas.By using the process of multiple gluing and pressure impregnation we are able to optimise our Fineline Bloc elements to meet extreme demands.

Special elements, whether flat or curved, can also be made cost effectively, using our gluing process, from basic billets of up to 2.50m x 20m. When used for external applications, the thin veneers allow optimal penetration of the wood preservative during the impregnation process, which means that laminate veneer lumber (LVL) can withstand the elements and can be utilized up to use class 4.

Fineline Bloc is able to fulfil the requirements of modern architecture in timber construction to provide visible timber surfaces. Specially selected veneers for the surface layers create a balanced appearance, and make the design of challenging surfaces possible. Narrow edges in Fineline finish complete the stylish appearance.


- Timber construction
- Special construction
- Bridges
- Towers
- Steep roof pitch