Serial Construction – LENO-ADD

LENO®-ADD-Wand auf der Fertigungsstraße
Wärmedämmung des Gefachs
Asphericon Jena, Außenwand mit Gipsfaserplatte
Fassadenbahn und Holzfassade
Fassadenbahn mit Konterlattung
Beispiel mit Holzfassade
Installationsleitungen mit luftdichter Abklebung
Wärmedämmung des Gefachs
Seniorenwohnheim Tuttlingen
SKAIO, Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn; Foto: Bernd Borchardt
Schule Erfurt; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Schule Erfurt; Foto: Steffen Spitzner

LENO®-ADD = wall + insulation + façade + finish

LENO®-ADD complements our proven LENO® cross laminated timber solutions through the additional layers of insulation and façade. A LENO®-ADD exterior wall meets all the requirements of the Model Timber Construction Directive (M‐HolzBauRL), especially for Building Class 5. The higher degree of prefabrication perfectly combines the advantages of solid timber and timber frame construction and enables fast assembly times.
Another plus point: visible surfaces can be finished with UV protection at the factory, with intermediate sanding and final coating carried out on site.


  • You save valuable time on the construction site.
  • You receive a high-quality finish thanks to industrial prefabrication.
  • Your desired scope of services is freely plannable.
  • You can choose the level of service you require.


  • LENO®-ADD has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is less than half that of reinforced concrete and less than one-third that of masonry constructions. The outer wall is up to 20% thinner, resulting in a significant gain in living space with the same U-value!


  • Workshop planning including individual component drawings with set-up of entire LENO®-ADD wall
  • Assembly planning, floor plans and standard cross-section
  • Assembly details with installation instructions
  • List of required accessories
  • Truck dispatch planning based on your specifications