Building Conservation

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Renovation, Restoration and Reinforcement.

In building conservation, we attach particular importance to cost effective and specially adapted processes for each project. This means that the damage is not only removed, but also the causes are analyzed and treated in order to maintain and protect the building structure in the long term. Our experts and high-quality materials guarantee a quality that meets even the most stringent test and safety requirements.

Here at ZÜBLIN Timber we offer a comprehensive range of services for the repair and restoration of timber structures of every shape and size. We consider it important to find the best customised solution for every challenge.

With decades of experience in timber construction, we are able to ensure impressive results in building conservation.


- Restoration of cracks by injection into glulam
- Increase in load capacity for change of use
- Modification and renovation of timber structures
- Restoration of the load bearing capacity after incidents
- Removal of building defects