Facade Systems

Copyright: © Stefan Müller-Naumann; APASSIONATA Park München GmbH & Co. KG
Copyright: © Stefan Müller-Naumann; APASSIONATA Park München GmbH & Co. KG
BUGA-Areal, Spinelli Mannheim; Foto: Dirk Altenkirch
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Foto: HGEsch
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Foto: Zooey Braun + H4a Gessert + Randecker Architekten BDA
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Give your vision a unique and distinctive character.

The timber facade is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It shapes the visual appearance of a building. A timber facade gives each building a unique and distinct effect.

We see our core competence, in particular, to be in combining timber and glass elements, based on decades of experience. In this area, exceptional constructions can be created. If deviations from the approved standards are required, the design can be  developed and tested in cooperation with recognized institutes, such as ‘ift Rosenheim’.

A special application is required for facades and roofs, whereby the glass elements are mounted directly onto the load-bearing components. This results in new design possibilities in the planning process.  Naturally, these often very large elements are also produced in the desired joinery quality. Our versatile and modern CNC machining centres allow great scope for design.

In modern timber frame construction, ventilated cavity walls  are frequently used as exterior wall construction. These are professionally implemented into our complete range of applications, from profiled boards and timber-based panels to safety glass panes. The high degree of prefabrication, involved in ZÜBLIN Timber frame elements, allows us to develop both visually appealing and highly cost-effective solutions. We have the necessary expertise to convert your design requirements into a construction. It goes without saying that the most up to date fire regulations will also be incorporated into the planning process. We are, therefore, able to achieve a facade in timber or timber–based materials, even in the case of multi-storey structures.

A special effect can be achieved for external areas with ZÜBLIN Timber profiles. For this, pressure impregnated or high-solid-coated timber materials can be used. In this way, even simple building elements can be easily visually enhanced.

In the case of large-scale, internal applications of timber or timber-based materials, ZÜBLIN Timber typically combines joinery quality and industrial production. Internal facades usually have to meet strict regulations in terms of fire protection, acoustics and chemical resistance. We can help implement your desired solution and achieve even the largest of areas with our logistic and production capacity in the shortest of lead times.