Timber-concrete composites

This combination makes sense.

In addition to the usual method with subsequent wet concrete, the ZÜBLIN timber-concrete composite is also designed as a prefabricated system. In this way, the good properties of the concrete in the compression zone as a vibration damper and as a mass contributor for sound insulation are optimally combined with the dry, fast and exact construction method of timber construction. The fire resistance class REI 120 is also achieved in visible design.

Fields of application:
- Spans from 6 m
- Highly loaded ceilings
- Soundproof ceilings
- Office, commercial and residential construction

We carry out almost all variants. For example:

- Cross laminated timber ceiling with in-situ concrete or prefabricated element
- Beam layer with in-situ concrete or prefabricated part
- Prefabrication in the factory or assembly on site

The ribbed ceiling is constructed with glulam ribs, which makes installation routing and the integration of acoustic solutions much easier. The flat ceiling in combination with cross laminated timber (LENO) enables a smooth wooden soffit with minimal ceiling thickness.

We work with you to determine the right construction for your project and can draw on our experience from many completed projects.