Modular building, MOLENO

Raumkonzepte; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Raumkonzepte; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Lernen in der SCHULE; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Lernen in der SCHULE
Montage vorgefertigter LENO-Außenwandmodule inklusive Dämmung und Fassaden-Unterkonstruktion; Fotos: Steffen Spitzner
Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Modulares Bauen; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Modulares Bauen; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Raumkonzepte; Foto: Steffen Spitzner
Raumkonzepte; Foto: Steffen Spitzner

MOLENO wood hybrid system for quick construction.

With a modular construction system that combines wood and concrete as a supporting structure, we offer the opportunity to build dormitories, office buildings, daycare centers or schools with maximum flexible floor plans in a very short construction period.

The essential components of the MOLENO concept are the external wall elements made of LENO cross-laminated timber. The story-high, large-format LENO elements made of cross-glued board lamellas, made of spruce, are dimensionally stable due to their structure and can withstand high loads. The construction as a combination with concrete ceilings was implemented in the first projects in the mid-1990s and has been continuously optimized in recent years.

Non-load-bearing interior walls can be placed flexibly, which enables a usage-specific arrangement. The modular wood hybrid system is therefore suitable for residential buildings such as student residence or nursing homes, micro apartments, motels or hotels, as well as for office or laboratory buildings or for educational buildings such as daycare centers and schools.

The facade

Flexibility in the facade design: Facades can be insulated with a mineral stucco type or a curtain type, rear vented wooden cladding, with maximum prefabrication in order to achieve quick construction times.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fast construction time
  • Quick and clear price determination, secured price
  • Inexpensive due to serial construction and industrial style
  • High security and quality of workmanship through tested details
  • Holistic consideration with BIM and turnkey construction including planning
  • Flexible expansion system through reduced supporting structure and variable expansion
  • Clearly structured concept (add-ons possible on request)
  • Great freedom in designing the floor plan

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