Our work philosophy: WORK ON PROGRESS.

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We know the importance of a perfectly co-ordinated working relationship at every stage of the contract and, for this reason, we use the WORK ON PROGRESS principle for all our projects. Our business practices are guided by the following values within the STRABAG group.

What matters in the construction industry, is the work of people and their smooth cooperation. Partnership-based cooperation – small or large scale, externally or internally, across brand, national and organisational boundaries – makes possible what cannot be accomplished alone. We achieve more for our stakeholders if we combine our strengths, our knowledge, our ideas and our experience. Partnership is also characterised by equal opportunity and based on honesty, fairness and esteem. For partnerships to thrive, we place special emphasis on relationships: in consultations with current or future clients, we actively listen, in order to continually meet expectations when executing their projects.

Just as for partnership, trust is also made possible only through appreciation and honesty. However, it also needs transparency and a sense of responsibility from all involved. We believe trust to be important in all areas, which is why a high level of personal responsibility, for each and every employee, is one of our essential leadership principles. Just as we build on long-term business relationships, we also work with selected, reliable subcontractors with whom we have a trust-based working relationship. And you can certainly be assured that the resources entrusted to us, will be treated with integrity.

Solidarity means standing by one another. For this reason it is important that, when successful, we focus not only on our own gain and that, in the event of failure, we take responsibility. Solidarity is also essential with regard to how we respond to the success and, especially, to the failure of others.

The flexibility to adapt quickly to last minute changes on the market is made possible on the one hand by our financial strength, and on the other hand as a result of innovation. Innovation is the key to mastering future challenges. We, therefore, attach great importance to continually developing and improving our processes, systems, products and know-how. In addition to technical innovations, our ‘teamconcept’ partnership model is an example of how we are pioneering contract innovations in the construction sector.

As a one-stop service provider for all construction needs, we actively propose solutions, tender permitting, to optimise the quality and the costs for our clients. In the process, we recognise the dedication and the contribution made by each and every individual to our success.

Aspirations – both tangible and intangible, individual as well as those involving the company as a whole – must always remain within realistic limits. We must not forget that our success depends on the trust of our stakeholders, and that we must continually work to build on this trust. That is why the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders are at the centre of what we think and do, plan and execute.

Building and construction greatly shape the world we live in. The consequences for people and the environment are diverse and – just like our buildings – long-lasting. Being aware of these impacts requires us to take action on a daily basis: We work to develop solutions, intelligent technologies and link all involved in the construction process. Together, we take responsibility. Together, we can make a difference. This way, we are helping to secure a sustainable world for future generations.

Respect, i.e. respect for legitimate aspirations and needs of others, between the contractor and client, employees and their managers, companies and their shareholders is self evident, but not necessarily sufficient. Respect must always be in conjunction with fairness. We, therefore, expect it to be mutual – from managers towards their employees and between both sexes. We promote equal opportunities, seek to foster a working environment characterised by fair conduct and free from any sort of harassment, and attach great importance to environmental protection and health and safety – not only in our company and for our employees, but also in our partner companies.

Everyone involved in or with the company must feel they can trust one and other. Every building is unique, with its own individual requirements in terms of costing, design, execution and operation. As we work with such discipline, our clients can expect us to complete complex construction projects reliably, in the agreed quality, on schedule and within budget. Only a high ethical standard can guarantee long-term, reliable partnerships. We categorically reject any form of corruption.