Stressed Skin Panels

Decken- und Dachsysteme – FLEX 01
Decken- und Dachsysteme – FLEX 02
Decken- und Dachsysteme – FLEX 03

High performance for your desired panel construction.

Whether clear and long spans of up to 23m without supports or large roof cantilevers - all structural challenges can be realized in a safe and cost effective way using our products. Stress skin panels are produced with spaced, vertical ribs, which are structurally glued to the laminated veneer lumber or cross laminated timber (LENO) to form the structural flange of the combined section. Closed stress skin panels are the optimal solution, in situations where smooth timber surfaces are required, or where sound absorbing ceilings, or fire protection requirements are stipulated. Our floor and roof systems have outstanding key benefits:

- Up to 1000m² can be installed per day using large scale components
- Elements provide an immediate working platform
- Closed stress skin panels fulfil fire regulations
- Pre-cut roof light openings
- Stylish finish of floor panel underside eliminates the need for additional suspended ceiling
- Individually designed visual surfaces or ceilings to suit room acoustics