Timber Building Elements

We deliver products, building elements, building kits and systems.

We can offer you our support and expertise, using new ideas and innovative products, to realise your next project in timber construction. As engineers, we are familiar with the structural and planning challenges of timber construction projects of all sizes. Based on our in-house developments and production of building systems, we provide solutions gained from our extensive expertise as construction service providers. Needless to say, we deliver your desired building elements to the building site just-in-time.

Our vast project expertise, our in-house production of glulam and cross laminated timber, and our processing of the latest engineered timber products, optimized materials, efficient processes and extensive customer dialogue, are all contributing factors to the success of our range of system elements. For this reason, our product portfolio offers you a range that is unique in Europe - be it special elements, for example duo pitch, mono pitch, trapezoidal beams and trusses up to 50m span, or modular system solutions from walls to facades and from floors to roofs.