14.08.2019  | ZÜBLIN Timber

SKAIO first wooden high-rise in Germany receives award

Bild: © Häfele, Nagold

Heilbronn, 14 August 2019
The spectacular new building of the Science Center experimenta and the innovative wooden high-rise Skaio on the grounds of the Federal Horticultural Show are awarded the DGNB Diamond by the DGNB Commission for Design Quality in the sense of outstanding design and building culture quality. The Skaio is the first building to receive the prestigious award in the "Residential Buildings" category and the experimenta the first award in the "Museums" category. With its DGNB system, the German Sustainable Building Council awards certificates in the quality levels platinum, silver, gold and bronze for buildings that outstandingly meet numerous sustainability criteria.

With a height of 34 metres, SKAIO is currently the tallest wooden house in Germany. The building - designed by the Berlin architectural firm Kaden+Lager, known as a pioneer in timber construction - is part of the city exhibition as part of BUGA 2019 and a pioneer in ecologically sustainable residential construction: all details are planned in such a way that it can be demolished and thus recycled in a single type at a later date.  

Dominik Buchta, Managing Director of the Heilbronn housing estate: "SKAIO, the highest wooden house in Germany, has been awarded the exclusive DGNB Diamant prize. The award stands for outstanding design and, in particular, architectural quality. We are proud that the expert commission appreciates our concept of realising high-quality ecological and also subsidised living space".
The two award-winning buildings are architectural milestones and exemplary examples of how we can achieve greater sustainability in planning and building with innovative solutions".

Source: Press release of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and the Heilbronn housing estate