ZÜBLIN Timber starts timber construction work on medical technology complex

Copyright: Erbe Elektromedizin und io-consultants
Copyright: Erbe Elektromedizin und io-consultants

Construction is progressing on the new building complex for Erbe Elektromedizin in Rangendingen, 70 km south of Stuttgart. ZÜBLIN Timber has started with the extensive timber work, the completion is expected as early as mid-August 2022.

ZÜBLIN subsidiary Wolfer & Goebel is part of the consortium (share: 73 %) holding overall responsibility for the turnkey project execution. When it goes into operation in 2023, the three-part building complex on Erbe’s business premises will house administration, development, production, logistics and a staff restaurant.

Timber construction work in detail
ZÜBLIN Timber is planning, manufacturing and installing the roof supporting structures using around 1,100 m3 of glulam as well as the timber frame outer walls with a total area of around 9,500 m2 and approx. 5,500 m2 of timber façade. In total, the use of wood will store around 2,000 t of CO2.

“We are processing and assembling an unusually large amount of timber for the industrial complex in an unusually ambitious timeframe. Using methods from LEAN management, however, we have been able to optimise the processes. And thanks to the precise prefabrication of the elements at our plant in Aichach, installation on site is possible in just a short amount of time,” says Sven Joerges, technical project manager at ZÜBLIN Timber.

The 25,000 m2 plant will meet high standards of sustainability – not only during the construction phase, but also during operation. It will be one of the first industrial buildings in Germany to meet the high requirements of the KfW Efficiency House Standard 40 EE.

Elements of new building of wood and wood-based materials:

  • External building envelopes with timber frame construction walls and timber louver rainscreen.
  • Load-bearing roof system made of glued laminated timber.
  • External walls made from prefabricated timber frame components fronted by large timber façade elements.
  • Stairs and walkways in the atrium with completely prefabricated elements made of cross laminated timber and glulam.

Facts & Figures:

Wolfer & Goebel and SIEGLE+EPPLE



PROJECT SCHEDULE (timber construction):

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

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