Erbe electromedicine, Rangendingen

Foto: Erbe Elektromedizin und io-consultants
Foto: Erbe Elektromedizin und io-consultants
Location72414 Rangendingen, Germany
Year of Construction7/2021 - 2023
ZÜBLIN-SocietyWolfer & Goebel Bau GmbH
General planningio-consultants GmbH & Co. KG
ClientErbe Elektromedizin GmbH
ProductsGlulam, timber frame exterior walls, timber facade
ServicesConnection statics of the glulam roof structure, workshop and assembly planning for the roof structure, for the timber frame construction exterior walls and façade work, as well as the staircase structures and fixtures for the master office in LENO cross laminated timber construction, manufacture, delivery and assembly
typeCommercial building