ZÜBLIN Timber becomes member of the HOLZ VON HIER initiative

The HOLZ VON HIER® environmental label

ZÜBLIN Timber commits to sourcing wood from local forests. The timber construction subsidiary of Ed. Züblin AG has joined the non-profit initiative HOLZ VON HIER (German for “Wood from Here”) and now offers its LENO® cross-laminated timber with HOLZ VON HIER certification.

Building with wood is considered to be climate-friendly. But a truly positive carbon footprint also depends on where the material is sourced from. HOLZ VON HIER is the only European environmental label that identifies and assesses the transit distance and the associated impact on the environment. Depending on the type of product, the initiative sets a maximum number of kilometres that the wood is allowed to travel. In addition, the timber must also come from certified sustainable forestry sources.

ZÜBLIN Timber mainly sources its wood from PEFC-certified forests and attaches great importance to energy-saving manufacturing processes. With the HOLZ VON HIER® certification, ZÜBLIN Timber now also offers its customers the opportunity to include local sourcing as a criterion for reliably choosing a product.

LENO® cross-laminated timber made from locally sourced wood
HOLZ VON HIER certifies individual products, not the company. The origin of the certified products is verified though an individual certificate and an ID number. ZÜBLIN Timber offers LENO® cross-laminated timber with the HOLZ VON HIER® certification.

“We are committed to the initiative’s goals and are pleased that we can now show this to the outside world with the HOLZ VON HIER certification. As a construction company, we can ensure the use of locally sourced wood throughout the entire value chain, right up to the finished product,” says Anders Übelhack, head of acquisitions at ZÜBLIN Timber.

LENO® cross-laminated timber is produced at the ZÜBLIN Timber plant in Aichach, which manufactures highly versatile building systems from cross-laminated timber and other wood products. ZÜBLIN Timber offers its customers the full range of services from a single source: from the delivery of modular components all the way to turnkey construction.

Find out more about HOLZ VON HIER: https://www.holz-von-hier.eu/