11.12.2014  | Ed. Züblin AG

Electric cars can now ‘fill up’ at Züblin in Stuttgart-Möhringen

Employee offer for e-bike rentals.

Stuttgart, 11 December 2014. The prototype of Z-Box – the mobile, timber-built modular charging and rental station for electric vehicles developed by Ed. Züblin AG – has completed its high-profile roadshow through Baden-Württemberg and Austria and has found its final home in Stuttgart-Möhringen. There, at the Züblin Campus, the Z-Box is now available as an official charging station for car2go vehicles. Employees at Züblin’s Stuttgart office can register for the rental of the little blue-and-white cars for use in all car2go cities.

The main function of the Z-Box in Möhringen, however, will be as an e-bike rental and charging station. Züblin will be offering company e-bikes for rent to the approximately 1,200 employees at its head office starting next year. Rental and return will be handled using personalised radio frequency ID cards (RFID), with half-hour, daily or weekly rates charged directly to the employees’ salary statements. The project is of benefit not only for the Züblin staff. The City of Stuttgart has therefore been a supporter from the start, acting quickly and cooperatively to approve the building permit for the Z-Box.

The charging capacities of the Z-Box on the Züblin Campus can be expanded at any time for company cars or for visiting vehicles. There also are considerations to set up further Z-Boxes at other offices within the STRABAG/Züblin Group. 

Anyone interested in receiving more information about the Z-Box and its possibilities can arrange a viewing appointment by e-mail at z-box@zueblin.de.