Glulam Timber Beam System

Bindersysteme BS-Holz 01
Bindersysteme BS-Holz 02
Bindersysteme BS-Holz 03
Bindersysteme BS-Holz 04

A versatile material with future.

Glulam timber has become firmly established as the high-tech material of the future, due to its diversity of applications. There is virtually no shape or form that cannot be achieved.

As a glulam timber manufacturer, we supply made to measure beams and panels. We are your reliable partner and supplier for both large and small projects. Our strengths lie in the production of large cross-sections, re-glued sections of glulam timber beams and special structural components such as duo pitched, arched, trapezoidal and lenticular beams. We design and deliver complete bow string beams and 3-pin frames including steel elements if required.


- large spans
- special applications
- Beams of all shapes